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Author’s Copy

Авторська копія

Acrylic on canvas, stretcher
Акрил на полотні, підрамник

Artists are often asked to copy their commercially successful works to generate more sales. I’m copying decade-old paintings that have already become a part of my biography. I’m reproducing not only the images, but the paintings as a whole, with all their elements, including stretchers, canvases and paint. This mode of copying transforms the image, creating perspectival foreshortening. The difference in price between the original and a copy is calculated according to the following formula:



    X=Y   –––––––––––––––––

                    90∘  ∙t∙k 



X is the price of a copy

Y is the price of the original

A is an angle to the horizontal

T is the time that elapsed between the creation of the author’s copy (2016) and the time of sale (in years)

K is the empirical coefficient of the increase in price (k=0.2)




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