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Exposition view
Closer art centre, Kyiv

The exhibition is constructed as a kind of narrative - Lesia Khomenko gradually develops a method to go outside the body and beyond the picture, making not a picture but the object. The artist is interested in picture not like a canvas with an image, she investigates them as a sum of elements: canvas, paint, image sub-frame.«The picture stretched on a frame is always very tight to the surrounding area. It seems that it says: “I’m, here for a short time, my goal - to go to the collection.” The painting is uninteresting with conditions in which it shows. It has it’s own stable forms. My work as “surrender” to the exhibition space. They slipped from stretcher, show them underside, transferring the image to the periphery. The exhibition space is not sterile “cube”, it is a public space, in relation to which art workshop is sealed» (Lesia Khomenko) 

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