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Video projection on canvas, installation
Looped video, ‘7:33
Відео проекція на полотні, інсталяція
Закільцьоване відео, '7:33

The stop-motion animation is based on my lengthy work on a painted self-portrait. While painting my face, I kept changing the eyes: initially open and staring insolently at the viewer, they gradually drooped shut with sleep. Having collected 1,500 shots for the video, I painted the completed self-portrait over with white paint, transforming the canvas into a screen for the video projection. The work was inspired by exhausting attempts to put my young daughter to bed: we both pretended to fall asleep while peeking at one another. This temporal processuality steeped in personal experience is transposed onto the processuality of an artistic medium: the painting loses its traditional material medium, leaving nothing but memories of itself.

Link to the video


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